About Us

Small Gecko in Texas that is what SGT stands for in SGT Nutraceuticals


 We had this tiny Gecko (lizard) who made his home in one of the Industrial Hemp plants. Every day he would climb the hemp plants and eat insects. No, we did not pay him for this. This tiny Gecko Volunteered! We then began to look after him as he would move from plant to plant. He is still with us today and runs around and is always in the plants keeping them safe from would be pests. We liked him so much we now have this logo attached to all of our labels. This way you know that the product is from SGT Nutraceuticals. Enjoy the All-Natural Health Benefits of our Nanoized CBD. Take CBD for Pain Relief and more. Offices in Houston, TX, Denver, CO, Manhattan, NYC. 

Superior Delivery of The Highest Purity products that work!


We are a licensed grower in Colorado and a licensed processor/manufacturer of our finished products in Houston, Texas. We grow organically and never use pesticides or any chemicals on our farms. We always use third party-testing on everything to verify and ensure the highest quality products are consistently made. COA is available upon request.  

SGT Nutraceuticals is a global, science-led bio-nutraceutical company that focuses on the discovery, development, and commercialization of Nanosized plant-based compounds in Full Spectrum Distillate and Isolate forms. Both are 100% 


Primarily used for the overall better health and alternatives to chemicals and synthetic (man-made) compounds that may have potential negative or harmful side effects. 

Millions of people have benefited from the use of CBD. 

Areas of focus is on CBD for pain relief, Anti-seizure, weight loss, headaches, body aches from overworking oneself, Impact on the muscles over a sustained period for faster recovery with this all-Natural Health remedy.

The company is selectively active in the areas of neuroscience, autoimmune, GABA & Endocannabinoid systems. 

It is our mission to provide over all better health through the delivery of 100% all-natural compounds via an encapsulated Nano-sized particle that can bridge the blood-to-brain barrier. 

Our innovative delivery technology delivers products like Nanoized CBD to the areas of the body where it is needed quickly and effectively. 

We are providing a delivery system that provides immediate solutions that are needed and wanted. Effectiveness is almost immediate. 

Better living through better delivery of 100% all-natural products with ZERO THC or Negative Side Effects. 

Our Promise to You, 30 day money back Guarantee!


We are going to provide you a risk-free trial. Try our products and in 30 days if you are not 100% satisfied then send us an email and tell us that you are not happy request your money back. Send us your empty bottle(s) along with your email to us and we will be happy to send you your money back. In order to provide our customers with the highest quality products and customer care. We listen to you and care, what your objectives are. Tell us how our products provided you one or several beneficial results for you. Our goal is to have the absolute best products on the market that will best suit your needs. Send us an email or a video testimonial about how you felt within the first few minutes of trying our products. We love hearing from all of you. We have been through some pretty extensive testing and we know how amazing and EFFECTIVE our products are. We have the best formulation that is available on the market today. We enjoy the All-Natural Health Benefits we get from CBD. We believe you will too. Trying our CBD for Pain Relief is an obvious choice.  Let us know what you think. We have offices in Houston, TX, Denver, CO and Manhattan, NY. 

Try our products if you are not 100% Satisfied Tell us about it send us your empty bottle back and we will refund your money.